Hello and welcome.

Here at The Local Perspective our mission is simple; make authentic travel easy. That’s why we specialize in curated travel guides and digital travel assistants (The Live Concierge).

Our products are available upon membership registration (free) as well as being available in exclusive BNB’s and hotels.

We do offer a paid membership version of our services where members get exclusive access to our Travel Personality Profiles for unlimited, extensively curated travel experiences.

With any membership, simply let us know when and where you are going and within 48 hours we will send you a digital, curated guide to that city.

24 hours before you travel our Live Concierge product becomes active and will remain active for the duration of your trip.

This feature allows you to text an actual, verified local and get all of your travel based questions answered in real time.

Feel free to ask them for;

  • local travel advice

  • location specific suggestions.

  • reservation assistance

  • happy hour information

  • event suggestions

  • or simply just say hello :]

Everybody should be given the opportunity to travel, whether for work or leisure. We simply want to help define that travel and make it the most authentic, fulfilling trip - every time.

We hope you like what we do, what we stand for and that you give us the opportunity to serve you.

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