5Rw/aL No.18

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5 Rounds w/a Local: Marie Plishka. Our local Washington, DC curator.

🖋 Tell us about yourself.

My name is Marie (@afterworkseen), and I have lived in the DC area for a decade. I love this city for its diversity, free museums and walkability.

☕️ What is your favorite coffee shop where you live? 

Sidamo Coffee and Tea in the H Street Corridor is an experience. It has plenty of seating for those that want to chill out, and on Sundays they perform the Ethiopian coffee ceremony. It is a nice place to start your day or evening on H Street.

🥃 What is your favorite bar where you live? 

I love a good cocktail when I am out on the town, but I find the market on speciality cocktails is a bit crowded and does not really deliver a “wow” experience. That changed when I visited 600T. Best cocktails, interesting ingredients and beautiful stemware.

🍽 What is your favorite restaurant where you live?

I recently went to Poca Madre, and it was one of the best dining experiences I have had in awhile. It has a cool, laid back vibe, and the food will knock your socks off. Each dish is so unique and full of flavor. They also have really fun cocktails.

🚗 If you could travel to any US city right now where would it be? 

I have been itching to go to Sedona, Arizona. I have not been to the southwest for a while now, and I would love to visit and see all of its natural beauty.

✈️ If you could travel to any country right now where would it be? 

I have really been interested in the South Pacific recently, so I would say French Polynesia. Crystal blue water, verdant forests and towering volcanoes sounds like a beautiful combination.

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