5Rw/aL No.20

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5 Rounds w/a Local: Elizabeth Blanton. Our local Seattle curator.

🖋 Tell us about yourself.

I’m Elizabeth Blanton. I grew up in Greenville, South Carolina and found my way to Seattle in 2013. I’ve love exploring the Pacific Northwest, whether it’s on a weekend camping trip or exploring around the city.

☕️ What is your favorite coffee shop where you live? 

Milstead in Fremont. It’s a really bright space with a lot of windows, which I especially crave in the winter. The baristas are friendly and it’s a good spot to sit and work, read, or hang out with friends. But the most important factor: I always get the best pour-over at Milstead.

🥃 What is your favorite bar where you live? 

There is a speakeasy in my neighborhood, West Seattle, called The Alley. It’s well hidden and a secret I like to keep, so I won’t say more unless you come visit me and we go together :)

🍽 What is your favorite restaurant where you live?

Stateside. The Southeast Asian-inspired menu is pretty much perfect.

🚗 If you could travel to any US city right now where would it be? 

Austin, Texas. I’ve never been and I want to go find the best tacos. (Send me your recommendations!)

✈️ If you could travel to any country right now where would it be? 

Laos. I’ve traveled a lot in Southeast Asia but never to Laos. To me it holds a lot of mystery because I don’t see a lot of travel information or stories about Laos.

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