5Rw/aL No.22

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5 Rounds w/a Local: Chelsea Brinkley. Our local Denver curator.

🖋 Tell us about yourself.

Hi, I'm Chelsea Brinkley! I'm from all over Tennessee (Memphis, Knoxville, and Nashville) and moved out west to Denver, Colorado in 2017.

☕️ What is your favorite coffee shop where you live? 
Hudson Hill in the Capitol Hill area. It's a bright inviting space where you can plug in and get some work done but I love how it's also a cocktail bar so once work is done you can grab a drink and relax on the leather sofas.

🥃 What is your favorite bar where you live? 

Probably Cruise Room inside the gorgeous Oxford Hotel. It's a hidden gem that feels like a 1920's speakeasy that I'm not cool enough to be in.

🍽 What is your favorite restaurant where you live?

Work & Class. I love getting a bunch of small plates to share with people. I'm obsessed with the spiced fried sweet plantains.

🚗 If you could travel to any US city right now where would it be? 

Portland, Oregon. It's just one of those places I've never been and would love to check out.

✈️ If you could travel to any country right now where would it be? 

Cuba! I hear it's like stepping back in time so I'd love to experience that and the culture.

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