Welcome, Vancouver


Considered one of the most livable cities in the world, Vancouver is a modern glass cityscape surrounded by the great Pacific Northwest mountains. Where else can you go hiking in the forest, walking on the beach and shopping in high-end boutiques, all in the same day?

Vancouver is one of the mildest cities in Canada, and has 4 distinct seasons:

- Winter is great for those that love skiing. While it is rare to see snow in the city, there are 3 local ski resorts just 30 minutes from downtown. The iconic Whistler Village from the 2010 Winter Olympics is not much further away - just 1h30min away.

- All the cherry blossoms make Vancouver even more beautiful during spring. Days start to get longer and warmer, which is the perfect combination to explore the distinct and unique neighbourhoods. Did you also know that Stanley Park is actually bigger than Central Park in NYC?

- During the Summer, Vancouver enjoys a pleasant 22C (71F) average temperature, and the city boasts tons of different street festivals, night markets and events that you do not want to miss!

- The intense fall colours make the city stand out during the rainy season. This is the best time to explore the trendy shops and numerous local restaurants, or maybe go storm chasing on the Island!

by Duni Bayona
@Pinguino.travels + @dunitah

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