3 Must Have Travel Apps

Making traveling easier

Traveling right shouldn't be hard. This statement is one that fuels The Local Perspective and its mission but we are far from being the only valuable resource in the travel industry. We wanted to quickly share with you what resources we use to get the most out of our travels.

Next Vacay

This website has the potential to be the catalyst for an extremely spontaneous reaction. That's because Next Vacay specializes in searching through thousands of flights, plucking the very cheapest and laying them nice and neatly in your inbox. Convenient right? Simply register and make sure to identify your nearest airport.

The flights they find for you will be specific for your airport and will be return flights. Unfortunately you can't control specific dates or specific locations but you will be amazed at the deals that come your way. Deals so good that in a few weeks you might be on a plane to Costa Rica for $273 - you just don't know it yet.


Sticking with the flight aid because lets face it, it's the most stressful and financially taxing part of travel. Hopper is a wonderful app that monitors your specific trip details and then alerts you when you should book to get the cheapest flights available. A super complicated, super long algorithm searches flight prices and compares them to previous prices. It then studies the fluctuation in pricing over time and boom, an alert will arrive in your inbox/app that says "book now for the cheapest deal". We've saved hundreds of dollars with this handy tool!

TV Food Maps

So we've all juggled with the drive or fly choice once we've decided on a destination. It may take 8-10 hours in the car but the flights are currently $500+ ...

The most off putting aspect of car travel for us is that we will be stuck with fast food and gas stations for the duration of the travel. Now however, that doesn't have to be the case. Open TV Food Maps, type in your from and to locations and hit that search button. A list will generate (or a map will populate) that will identify all the places that have made it to a food/cooking show on TV along your route. T

he app will also tell you what show it was on, when it was aired and even what the host ate! Finally we get to eat everywhere from the show Man vs Food Nation.

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