This is my number one coffee spot in Nashville. I live in Germantown and it's my little nook of Nashville that I absolutely love. A nice day walking coffee shop to coffee shop, nothing better! 
Lots of Nashville natives will recommend Barista Parlor, and with good reason. There's three different locations at the moment; East Nashville, Golden Sound (The Gulch), and Germantown. Take a guess at my favorite? Odds are you'll find me having a Monday meeting here.
This is a little hidden gem at the moment, snuck away in the depths of East Nashville - seriously, this place is so freaking cool. Come here for the coffee and food and not so much the immediate surroundings. 


If you save up for one place to blow a pretty penny, this is the one. Such an awesome modern take on southern American food. coming from an Aussie that should mean something.
Unbelievable Japanese Izakaya here. The ramen is unbelievable, but come hungry - it will fill you up! Share a few small plates with whomever you go with and then keep that ramen to yourself to devour.  
There's a bit of a burger controversy that will arise between friends in Nashville. The competition between The Pharmacy and Burger Up is subtle but very real. I say Burger Up takes the win for me, try the Woodstock, add an egg, maybe some avo, that's what I do. 


It's pretty easy to do Nashville the tourist way and there's no harm in that, but if you're looking for an insight to the everyday "Nashvillian" come through to The Crying Wolf on a weekend night. Cheap and simple drinks but an awesome atmosphere full of cool people. They've got hidden gems in their specialty cocktails and burgers.
Brand spanking new, I've got no doubt that this place is going to be one of the most trafficked bars in town. It's right in the middle of The Gulch - walk right into the hotel and take the elevator up to the top floor for an amazing view of the upcoming city and any drink you like from the killer bar staff. 
Another amazing atmosphere and Nashville insight in this spot. This place has done simple so well! The back wall of oversized steps are actually lounging areas that are awesome to kick back and enjoy a killer drink. Under the umbrella of ownership of Pinewood Social and bar management of someone I consider a legend in the cocktail world, you can't go wrong with their bar programming. My poison of choice: the Toy Soldier.