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We’re passionate about travel. We’re also passionate about breakfast bagels and craft cocktails. To get the most out of our travel experiences we ALWAYS start our day in a local coffee shop, usually ordering a local drip coffee and whatever breakfast sandwich caught our eye. When we travel for work however, we often have meetings set up in the morning and therefore spend much more time exploring the local craft cocktail scene, soaking up a local neighborhoods evening atmosphere.

We understand that not everyone likes to travel EXACTLY like us, though. That’s why we developed the Travel Personality Profile. By answering just a few simple questions we can gain important insight into your travel interests and what you want to do when you travel. We then use this information to curate a unique travel guide and digital service, tailored specifically to you.

ALL of our Curated Guides are built, tailored to these profiles. Members of TLP have the option of developing multiple profiles; General, Family and Business.

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