5th and Taylor:
The atmosphere is amazing. It's beautiful, comfortable, intimate - perfect for a date or group night. The patio is huge. The fried chicken is the best I’ve ever had in my life.
Rolf and Daughters:
Incredible pasta and their seasonal menu has never disappointed me. The atmosphere is stunning too and their cocktails are great.
Ginger Thai:  
At Ginger I always get the red curry with chicken - medium hot. Be careful with the spice level because if you order hot you will not be able to breathe normally for a few hours and you won’t stop sweating. 
Miss Saigon:
Really good chicken Pho. It's super affordable and the best chicken Pho I’ve had in Nashville. They have an incredible peanut sauce that they serve with their summer rolls.


Pinewood Social pictured:
Here's what you need to do. Order the Caught in the Act, Contingent Work and the Moscow Mule. Thank me later.
Patterson House:
The atmosphere is so, gosh whats the word…upscale speakeasy. That's two words but whatever. The old fashioned is the best I’ve ever had. Totally Pre-Prohibition inspired!
Rose Pepper:
The margarita!!! These are the strongest I’ve ever had and they have the best happy hour. Warning, if you have more than two please message me and tell me how that went for you. I've been there more than 20 times and I still don’t know what it's like to leave that restaurant.
The Green Hour:
It's an absinthe bar but I don’t order the absinthe… chocolate shop by day, absinthe bar by night, they have a real authentic absinthe experience, however they make the best French 75 and I order it every time.


Pinewood Social:
You can work, eat, bowl and swim. I must add though that this is working, eating, bowling and swimming with class. Mic drop. Thank me later.

Cornelia Fort Airpark:
This is an abandoned airfield with public access during the day. Bring a picnic blanket and some wine and set up camp for a few hours. It's amazing.
The Pedestrian Bridge:
Really beautiful views of the Nashville skyline. Beautiful sunsets and they have small coves where you can set a blanket and picnic.
Two Bits:
It's bar downtown that has all the games you can imagine including an N64 with Mario cart - that's all I have to say about that. N64 is enough.


Peter Nappi:
I go there for the shoes but end up staying because...hmmm… when you walk into the Peter Nappi shop it feels like...hmmm…I go to Peter Nappi because... hmmm…Oh my gosh can I just say because its like discovering Narnia? Italian shoes, European furniture and American whiskey. I can spend hours here and often do.
Billy Reid:
It's definitely an investment but it lasts forever and it's worth it. The shop is beautiful and serves coffee, beer and whiskey while you shop. The staff are sweet and incredible. The whole shopping experience is a must
Elizabeth Suzann:
The most incredible local designer. Her clothing is so beautiful and so high in quality. I'm constantly amazed with what she puts out each season and her show room is constantly stunning.
Sisters of Nature:
This is a clothing, home and accessory boutique. They have impeccably curated home goods. I feel like the personality of the shop really mirrors the personality of its owner and each time I visit I feel like I get to know them a little bit more.





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