Whiskey Water pictured:
Obviously my store is on the list...duh.  We offer clothes for everyone from the rock and roller to the boho beauty.  We are known for our own line of Whiskey tees!
Apple and Oak:
This home goods store is my all time favorite place. I can't go in without buying something. Everything is at a great price point! From the sassy "Fancy as F*ck" wine glasses to hand painted furniture, they have it all.
Peter Nappi:
If I could live in a store this would be the one. Fine hand crafted Italian leather products in the most beautiful space...I'm smitten. Even if you aren't on the hunt for a new pair of boots you have to go just to get an Instagram photo of the decor. Everything, and I mean everything, in the studio is for sale, from the rugs to the couches.
Sisters of Nature:
So, everything here is American made and fair trade goods. They carry clothing, accessories, home goods and really cool handcrafted jewelry. They also just started their own label too…watch this space.


Southern Grist pictured:
I am a little biased because this brewery is within walking distance from my house but none the less it's my favorite. Take a seat outside on the picnic tables, enjoy a flight of beer & order a Mitchell’s Sandwich to be delivered by bike!!
I love this place for two very clear reasons. Kickass music and kickass food trucks. Oh and they also make my favorite beer. It’s released only once a year and it's called Lovebird, so get it while you can.
Smith and Lentz:
Again, another East Nashville brewery but this one has a great outdoor beer garden. They've also added ping pong tables making this place that bit more incredible. Play 'till your little heart's content.
Bearded Iris:
So breaking the mold, this place is in Germantown and slightly hidden within Germantown too. However, the interior is so cool. They have awesome couches so you can sit right in the brewery making this place truly unique.


Bar Luca:
I have such a love for this East Nashville wine bar, it's the perfect gathering spot (and date spot). You need to order the popcorn!! They also make KILLER cocktails.
Old Glory:
This is by far one of the prettiest bars I have ever been to (and trust me I have been to a lot). It's hidden in Edgehill Village but you will know you've made it when you spot the golden triangle. Their cocktail menu is out of this world.
Patterson House pictured:
The Patterson house is a speak easy with insanely good cocktails. You can literally order anything and you will love it. The bartenders are very well trained and it's fun to watch them. Perfect to go for a date or girls night out.

THIS IS MY SPOT!!!! You are guaranteed to find me here every weekend. It's so much fun! They have the best music playing (especially on a Friday night). Order a Bukowski, you won't regret it.


The Listening Room:
This is by far my favorite place to take people. There is typically two shows each night which are usually writers' rounds. There is something magical about hearing the person who actually wrote a number one song sing it! I recommend getting tickets online before, especially for a weekend show! Check online too to see who is playing while you are in town! Some shows are FREE!!
Belcourt Taps:
This is a tiny bar venue in Hillsboro Village that often has great writers rounds. Shows are typically free with a 2 drink order minimum (easy as pie!!). Also, their soft pretzels are bomb! Check online to see their schedule of shows. P.S. the place is SMALL so get there early to snag a seat.
The Ryman pictured:
You can't see a bad show here. Go see any band, any name - the acoustics make up for any unknown performer. I don’t care if it's Barney the Dinosaur - GO. There's something special about sitting in the old pews. Just make sure you go.
Mercy Lounge:
This music venue is the perfect size to see a show. They always have great bands and the majority of my favorite concerts have been here. You can get tickets at the door most times and it's in same building as two other music venues, so if it doesn’t work, take your pick.


Crema is very close to downtown but still slightly off the beaten path. Because of this reason their patio actually overlooks downtown - awesome I know. Their breakfast menu is super tasty and light. Their avocado toast is insane.
Red Bicycle:
Their Nutty Latte is my favorite thing in this world. Period. The coffee shop itself is small, quaint and they have a lovely brick patio (I have a thing for patios). They make crepes to order and come sweet or savory.
The best part, other than their amazing coffee, is they have great cocktails too. Someone can have a coffee and another a mimosa! Their look is very clean, crisp and pretty. Outside is a large concrete and grass patio for the perfect hangout.
Barista Parlor pictured:
Nashville has 3 awesome Barista Parlor locations - each in great neighborhoods. East Nashville is the original but the Golden Sound (in the Gulch) and Germantown ones are close to downtown. I recommend the Bourbon Vanilla Latte, iced. You can’t go wrong with their great breakfast food either.


Stay Tuned Nashville:
Located at 615, Main Street, Nashville
Located at 3 Brothers Coffee
What Lifts You pictured:
Located in The Gulch near Juice Bar
I Believe in Nashville:
Located in three places. The busiest is on 12th South next to Draper James. The biggest is at Marathon Music Works and there's another at The Basement East.



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