Consistency is what makes Crema king. No matter when you go or who makes your almond milk latte, which you should get, you know it’s going to be just as good as the one you ordered last week. A word to the wise, make sure you check out their seasonal drink menu and don’t leave without ordering the best avocado toast in Nashville.
Killebrew pictured:
They use Revelator beans for their coffee and import fresh baked goods daily from Willa Jean in New Orleans. The vibes in this cozy shop are stellar. It’s located in the impeccably designed Thompson Hotel, so if you get tired of sitting you can spend some time exploring the rest of the hotel.
Steadfast’s minimalist interior and the Matchless Coffee Soda make it the perfect coffee hang. What’s this coffee soda business? Think espresso infused with bubbles and citrus notes served over ice. It’s as amazing and refreshing as it sounds. And if you are in the mood for food, be sure to check out the poached egg sandwich.


Patterson House
Once you pass through the crushed velvet curtains, you are immersed in a warm, low lit bar, the scent of rich wood and bitters filling the air. Here is where you’ll find the best Vieux Carre in town. I know it’s a classic, but damn it’s done right. If you are looking for something a little different check out the Lone Pine Mall; gin, maple, lemon, egg whites and Douglas Fir Eau de Vie.
Old Glory
Tucked away in the old boiler room of White Way Cleaners (now Edgehill Village), it can be tough to find, but worth the adventure. Once you’re inside, the smoke stack, gold spiral staircase, and beautiful tiles mix and mingle for an incredible ambiance. My personal favorite is the Garden Hoe which is gin based and paired with arugula, pineapple, and yellow chartreuse.
Bastion pictured:
Bastion is great because their cocktails are not overly complicated, which I absolutely love. They stick to simple, old fashioned flavors that never seem to go out of style. Some of my favorites are the tequila based Toy Soldier or the whiskey based Keelboat King - don’t forget to get an order (or two) of those nachos.  


City House
This old home in Germantown boasts Nashville’s best dining. What’s great about City House is how effortlessly they execute several flavors into a dish. It’s hard to recommend one thing in particular because you can’t go wrong, but be sure to get a pizza with an egg on it. And save room for dessert, specifically the ice box cake. It will blow your mind.
Butcher & Bee pictured:
Chef Brian Weaver has done an incredible job with the menu, offering shared plates that combine a Mediterranean influence with a Southern flare. The best thing you can do is grab a table for four and order every mezze on the menu to share. The perfect combo? Dip the fries in the whipped feta. You’re welcome.
Going to Josephine is like going to your friend’s house for dinner. That is, if your friend is Chef Andy Little. Starters you shouldn’t miss: the flash fried brussel sprouts and the pretzel bread. For dinner you can’t go wrong with the lamb pappardelle or the steak & fries. Can’t make it for dinner? Get your brunch game on with their perfectly cooked omelette and next-level sticky buns.


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